We each have a personal myth, a vision of who we really are and what we want. Health means that part of what you want is to give to others.


I have been trying to point out that in our lives chance may have an astonishing influence and, if I may offer advice to the young laboratory worker, it would be this – never to neglect an extraordinary appearance or happening.

Vision and Values


The patient comes first in everything we do. Our passion is to provide every patient and every customer with services and products of uncompromising quality – error free, on time, every time. We do that by dedicating ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the services we provide.


Meaning: We know that trust is critical to our success and the wellbeing of those we serve. We obsess about everything we do that has an impact on the lives of others in a moral, principled manner.

Which leads us to do things such as:

  1. Do what is best for our customers, recognizing this is also what is best for our organization. We treat the needs of our customers as if they are our own.
  2. Carefully research, investigate and beta test any new lab tests and service offerings, lab testing partners and other vendors who provide or are involved in providing test results our customers rely on to ensure the highest quality, ethics and standards.
  3. Stringently follow all federal, state, local and other agency regulations and compliance standards as part of business best practices that earn and retain our customers’ trust that we do the right things right.
  4. We communicate with honesty, authenticity, candidness and professionalism.
  5. We listen objectively to the concerns and needs of those we serve and make recommendations based on our knowledge and expertise, and not profit.


We constantly seek innovative ways to enhance patient care and provide value to our customers. We support the creativity, courage and persistence that transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into insights. We seek continuous advancement through the adaptation of existing knowledge as well as through experimentation, with the full understanding that we learn from our failures as well as our successes.


Meaning: We accept responsibility for our words, actions, decisions, and experiences.
Which leads us to do things such as:

  1. Doing what we say we will do, and if we are unable to meet a commitment, we proactively communicate and take next steps to a solution.
  2. Setting reasonable expectations for our customers on when they will receive test results, and delivering them in a timely manner and in the method of delivery preferred by our customer.


Meaning: We believe it is imperative that we support and challenge each other, creating an environment that is collaborative, innovative, solution-oriented and fun to work in.

Which leads us to do things such as:

  1. Seek feedback and suggestions to help us continually improve and grow.
  2. Feel empowered and comfortable asking for assistance and guidance if we don’t know something, to ensure our customers and team members receive correct information.


We believe in teamwork and the limitless possibilities of collaborative energy. We achieve excellence by putting collective goals ahead of personal interests. We support and encourage open communication and meaningful cooperation among colleagues from varying backgrounds and disciplines. We respect individual differences, and we value diversity.


We strive to be the best at what we do – both as a company, and as individuals. We embrace the qualities of personal leadership – courage, competence, confidence and a passion for surpassing expectations. We will provide growth opportunities for our employees, quality services and products to our customers and superior returns to our shareholders.


Meaning: Providing services and offerings that add to the quality of life at a fair price.
Which leads us to do things such as:

  1. Recognize our customers’ time is valuable and therefore, make every effort to get them in and out of our stores in 15 minutes or less.
  2. Keep our customers’ healthcare budgets top of mind, ensuring our prices are affordable, easy to understand and known at the time of service.
  3. Create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment that allows anonymity and discreetness if needed by our customers.
  4. Provide a work environment that allows our medical assistants to learn, grow and help our customers in a more personal manner.