Why Choose Immuno

Immuno is your trusted partner for testing services. We pride ourselves on offering services that are accurate, high quality and cost-effective.

Immuno comes to your location with all the equipment necessary to easily and properly obtain the requested samples. Our experience enables us to adapt to every environment and ensure the integrity of our tests.

Our staff is experienced and professional. Every employee has been professionally trained to collect your sample and conduct your tests properly the first time. Specimens are hand-delivered to the nearest lab for processing. Immuno uses electronic tracking to ensure that your sample is on time and properly identified.

Convenience: Our testing services save you time and money. Employers benefit from the elimination of transportation problems, scheduling issues and lost labor time. Individuals benefit from time saved, increased privacy and elimination of personal transportation expense.

Contract Options: Discounted contract options are available to corporations and small businesses. Nationwide testing services are also available.

Do you have questions about our range of services or our experienced team of professionals? We invite you to contact us via our web form or call us directly at (011- 6956023) today.