Northern India’s Leading Immuno Assays Laboratory

Immuno Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. itself as Northern India’s Leading Immuno Assays laboratory with a focus on providing quality results at affordable costs to clients like laboratories, doctors, hospitals from across the country. Our Centralized Processing Laboratory consists of 6,000 sq. ft of track automation system that has a capacity to process over 6,000 plus Patients in a day.

Established in 1999,  Immuno Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. today is the largest and most respected diagnostic service provider in the northern india. It has a proven track record of more then one decade for strict adherence to international standards and benchmarks. Immuno Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of tests and has a good presence in all important cities and towns of northern India Immuno Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. has a state-of-the-art laboratory in Sarita Vihar, South Delhi. It serves over 12 lakh + customers every year.


As a diagnostics laboratory with focus on quality and speed, supported by world class facility of 6000 sq. ft. Immuno deliver the timely reporting and accurate processing of samples at global standard. We have become the best equipped clinical chemistry laboratory in India. Uses instruments list mention below :

List Of Intruments:

  • Advia Centaur XP (4 Instruments)
  • Architect Plus i2000 SR I
  • Architect Plus i2000 SR II
  • 35micro pippettes
  • 2 Centrifuges
  • ARCHITECT c4000
  • Advia Centaur XP
  • ARCHITECT 2000i
  • 2 Deep Refrigerator (Digital Temp. Controller with sensor)
  • Cold Room
  • Cobas c311 [Hitachi]
  • G8 Tosoh
  • ST-200 Plus Analyser(2 Instruments)
  • 4 Digital Temperature Controller with sensor
  • Digital TDS meter
  • Auto Clave (Pressure Gauge)
  • 7 Digital Thermometers
  • Immunocheck Auto blot
  • Operon XL-1000i
  • Diasorin LIAISON
  • Beckman Coulter Access 2
  • ST-200 plus Electrolyte Analyser PSR
  • RO DI Ultra [Rions Labpure water solutions]
  • Alinity c & i
  • Immulite 2000 Xpi
  • Calyx RO water system
  • Merck milipore[ELIX] deionized water system
  • Dx Flex Beckman Coulter
  • D-10 (3 instruments)
  • Sysmex XN-550
  • Biosafety Cabinet(PCR)
  • Biosafety Cabinet(Microbiology)
  • Aqua D RO water system
  • 3 Incubator
  • REMI RM 12c (2 instruments)
  • REMI Medico plus (2 instruments)
  • Genocare Extraction System
  • Gene Finder Ex Mate 32 plus
  • Biorad C1000 Thermal Cycler CFX96 RT PCR system
  • Biorad C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler CFX96 RT PCR
  • G8
  • Erba Chem 5X
  •  Sysmex XP-100
  • Digital pH Meter